Our Company

SHIMEQ is a company founded in 1987, dedicated to the design and development of machinery and equipment.

In its own facilities located in Loma Hermosa-Partido de San Martin, has a covered area of 2800 m2 consists of three ships two of them equipped with two cranes of 10 and 5 tons and the third with a bridge of 15 and 5 tons , an important plant doomed to building their SHIMEQ presses.

Line are standard or special SHIMEQ presses are used in various production processes, for example, sheet metal forming and molding or thermoplastic rubber, automotive and white goods, among others.

The use of parts and materials of known quality, coupled with the ability and suitability of a select group of technicians, the service efficient and safe MAINTENANCE guarantee, endorse the reliability of the equipment SHIMEQ.


SHIMEQ offers a comprehensive service of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and monitoring the smooth running of equipment.

Technical Post Sales Service ensures optimum efficiency of our machines, meeting the needs of our customers around the country relying on technical expertise and a permanent stock of original parts in our warehouse, ensuring a rapid response service.

All components of the hydraulic presses SHIMEQ are carefully selected to maximize their efficiency and durability, ensuring compatibility and operational reliability of our products.

All our products are tried and tested under maximum requirements, submitting themselves to them with the appropriate testing protocol.

With our extensive experience we can offer advice on finding and developing solutions.

Metal Forming Presses Presses for shaping rubber, baketillas, etc. Technical Characteristics